The magic of improvisation

In October 2020 I have started piano lessons, I had this strong intuition (that most of us had during 2020 to gain a new skill). Music from my perspective encourage you to express yourself and release patterns that they might not serve you anymore. The thing is that like everything in life there are rules that they have to be followed, in music as well.

You learn first how music operates and especially the sound, for example the volume, the rhythm, the pitch etc. Then, you teach the body, elbows, fingers, posture etc. So, at the end, it’s a combination of all of them! (are you kidding me?).

The majority of adults does not have this patience nor the time (as most of us claim), so after couple of lessons they quit as this is too much for someone especially to accept,embrace and make mistakes etc. This is sad but I have incredible news!

There are always options that harmonise with everybody’s needs.

For example, speaking about myself, I am capable of playing songs now but I feel there is more that I can do to express myself. From the beginning of the classes, was more natural to me to improvise, my teacher was playing next to me and she would let me play what I was feeling, at that particular time with no rules and nothing to follow, just by heart, the result was something unique and I felt this joy that we all hunt when it comes to new experiences.

So my teacher realised, that this is what we must enhance, a new approach of learning that is “ written on me “. We agreed on starting improvising but by using music patterns that they are based on the music rules because even improvisation requires a foundation to end up to a completed and harmonised result, the excitement is huge and I am looking forward to seeing it unfolding.

In conclusion, find what expresses you and go for it, even if there is a rule that might afraid you, you can embrace it and build it on your needs !

Bless you!





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Evelina Renta

Evelina Renta


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